Cottage Cheese for health

Dec 26, 2013 by

Paneer or cottage cheese dishes can be cooked on a special occasion or as everyday meal; but did you know a cup of cottage cheese is a good idea for healthy eating, as well. It is a content that can be added to dips, shakes, pancakes, served with rice, or simply added to a salad. It can be said it is both health and versatile as a meal.

1 cup of cottage cheese has 206 calories with 9gm fat with 4 gm saturated fat as required by RDA for good health. It is packed with all the essential amino acids required for protein metabolism with 1 cup giving (23gms) or 40% daily required dietary intake for an adult. Besides protein a cup of paneer also has 38% RDA of homocysteine fitting vitamin B12, which is good for cardiovascular and blood development health.

One cup of paneer will also provide a healthy adult with 18% RDA of calcium, which is required for healthy bones, teeth, muscle contraction, and blood metabolism. A cup of this healthy cheese will also provide a healthy person with 48% RDA of phosphorous, which is required for enzymes in our body and also for bone building. On the whole paneer is a very good health food if eaten in moderation – a cup of it will do!


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