Healthy Recipes for a Healthy Heart

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Staying hale and hearty is an ultimate dream of every individual, but very few people are lucky enough to enjoy a healthy life. Dreaming is good, but working in order to make your dreams come true is an intellect act. Unduly life style and abrupt food habits are two certain factors which hinder your path that trails you towards fitness. Unhealthy food habits and fascination towards junk food leads to many chronic diseases. Heart blockage and strokes are the most common ones heard now a day. Hence, when you are expected to keep your heart healthy, apart from regular exercise, there is a lot to do. You need to replace your fatty servings with that of cholesterol free and highly nutritious food. Some healthy recipes in this aspect are as follows-

  • For Breakfast – Banana pies – Add whole wheat flour, egg, mashed banana, sugar, essence according to your taste and milk together. Mix to make batter, add some low fat, oil on the hot frying pan and cook the small balls of batter over the medium flame. Once bubbles appear over one side, turn the pie and cook other side. Serve it whenever desired to eat.
  • For Lunch – Stuffed Capsicum – Finely chopped vegetables can be fried in cholesterol free butter along with some spices and has to be filled up in the scooped capsicum. These stuffed capsicums are then baked in the oven and is perfect to be served along with brown rice.
  • For Dinner – Crunchy noodles – Finely chop onion, garlic, ginger, basil leaves, bean and cabbage and fry in a cholesterol free butter. Fry unless the vegetables are crisp. Boil noodles, drain its hot water and fry it separately in to saturated butter unless it becomes crisp. Mix both the vegetables and noodles together. Add black pepper, sauce and salt according to your taste.

Furthermore, your heart will be healthy if you evade intake of unnecessary fat unless it’s too late for it.

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